Are you troubled by unusual symptoms like itching, fishy odour, unusual discharge or painful urination?

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We Understand How You Feel

➤The constant urge to avoid intimacy because you feel disgusted with your body.

➤Living in constant fear of smelling bad.

➤The daily itching that almost drives you mad.

➤The irritating feeling of being unclean and unhealthy.

No woman should have to live this way, which is why we present you a solution, Vaginne.

How Can Vaginne Help?

  • 1. Goodbye Infections

    Vaginne fights off all infection symptoms in just 6 days!!!

  • 2. Maintenance And Protection

    Monthly use of Vaginne helps maintain your PH and also protects your vagina from recurrent infections.

  • 3. The Feeling of Newness

    Vaginne boosts the self-healing power of your vagina which in turn makes you Feel and Smell fresh.

  • 4. It Solves Other "Lady" Issues

    Vaginne helps to solve issues like dryness, irregular periods, blocked fallopian tubes and many more.

  • Love the product!

    The smell reduced drastically, would order for another one once I have the funds.

    Akintunde Omotooke

  • I feel so good

    It is wonderful. I am now so good, no itches and tight like a 16 year old. Infact oga enters me with style and I don't feel much pains

    Sandra Okeke

  • I used only 3 sticks

    So far am loving it. The scent oh lord heaven. No irritation what so ever. It is worth the price I swear.


  • I waited for a while to say something

    I have used just 5 of the 6 pieces just to prove a theory and its been 3 weeks now and I am proud to say that all that has made me nervous by the way of fishy unpleasant smell has all disappeared.

    Nkem Ede

  • I had a fertility procedure done recently

    I was given antibiotics and it gave me severe itching and frequent urination especially at night. i've used all sorts of antibiotics and even started self-medicating. I've used Vaginne for just 3 days and all my symptoms are gone.

    Adeola Alabi

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  • Goodbye Doctor Visits

    Avoid awkward waiting rooms and order your box of Vaginne from your house. We help you treat your privates, privately.

  • Fast Delivery

    Order confidently knowing that your product will get to you in 1 - 3 days

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We guarantee your satisfaction on Vaginne with a full refund. Product specific limitations apply.

  • 100% Natural

    Made with only the finest natural ingredients.

"Vaginne is like the Vagina's first-aid kit. You simply just need it."

Charles, Co-founder

What are you waiting for?

Just Imagine your future self after using Vaginne. Are you happier?

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