5 Innocent Ways You Can Get A Vaginal Infection

5 Innocent Ways You Can Get A Vaginal Infection

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Have you ever wondered why one day, you're perfectly fine and all of a sudden BOOM!!! you have a vaginal infection?

This mysterious situation can actually be explained. So, we have highlighted 5 innocent ways which you can get an infection and what actually causes it.

They are:

  • A fun Day at the Beach
a fun day at the beach might cause a vaginal infection

You’ve spent the day in your swimsuit, in and out of the water, in the warm weather and you’ve just had a sugary snack. No harm was done, right?

Think again because the salty seawater, sugary snack, and sand might disrupt your PH level, causing an infection.

  • Public Toilet
using public toilets might cause a vaginal infection

Everybody knows this situation. During a long day at work, a normal day at school,  or maybe you visited a friend and you suddenly get the urge to use the toilet. You use the toilet without disinfecting it and go on your way. The next day, you come down with the absolute worst itch and discharge you've ever had.

Unknowingly, you might have contacted "a witches brew of bacteria" from the toilet or other common bacteria like E. Coli, staphylococcus, and many more.

Also, using public toilets isn't the only way to get a toilet infection. Sharing a toilet with your spouse, sibling, or friend in your home can also cause you an infection because they might have an infection and it is then passed to you through the toilet.

Using public toilets isn't entirely bad if your immune system is good and if you observe common hygienic measures before using the toilet like washing your hands and disinfecting the toilet before using it. But that can only help you combat "some" bacteria and not all. so, you always have to be careful where you do your business.

Note - Always disinfect the toilet and wash your hands.


  • Workout Session
damp workout clothes might cause an infection

Firstly, exercising does not cause infections. it’s not the workout but the damp and moist clothes you wear while working out. If you do not change out of those clothes and you wear then all day, you run a high risk of getting an infection due to an imbalance in your PH level.

  • Medication
taking too many drugs can cause an infection

Imagine taking antibiotics for a totally unrelated issue and as a result, you get a bad case of yeast infection. 

Usage and excessive usage of some medication can affect your Vagina's PH level and also kill the good bacteria which protects your vagina from infections.

  • Washing your Vagina
washing your vagina too much causes vaginal infections

Do you want your vagina to smell nice like roses? Well, think again. Fragranced soaps and scented vaginal washes cause more harm than good. The vagina isn't supposed to smell like roses, apples, or pineapples. 

Vaginal washes and soaps cause an imbalance in your vagina's PH level and it rids of body of it's protective forces, thereby leaving your body defenseless to infections. In other words, it can cause infections.


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