Our Story

Hey Oremi, Founded With You In Mind

Founded by Makuo Chimdindu and Charles Ede in 2020 and formerly known as Health prime, Hey Oremi is a feminine intimate health and wellness brand that is focused on improving the intimate life of every woman in Africa. We are focused on helping women of all ages tackle their questions, fears and issues concerning their intimate health.

Why do we Exist

We exist because 1 in 5 women suffer from common intimate health issues like Bacterial Vaginosis (B.V), yeast, thrush and many more infections every single year and they are not properly informed on what to do when that happens or the best solutions to their issues.
We exist to provide a safe and lasting solution to common intimate health issues and also to educate women on how to live a healthier life.

Our Mission

We aim to give back confidence and self-esteem to our women, to foster continued happiness in their lives and to educate women on intimate health.

Our Vision

We want to create a community of African women who use their stories and experiences to inspire other women to speak up about their issues and find solutions to those issues.
We also want to reduce the number of women who silently suffer every year from common intimate health issues.

Our Product

For now, Hey Oremi has only one product which is Vaginne Refreshing Intimate Gel( An anti-bacterial gel which restores and preserves feminine intimate health).


Makuo Chimdindu & Charles Ede - Hey Oremi Co-founders

We are both individuals who believe in making an impact in people's lives and we have learnt that helping women know more about their health and bodies can never be too much or dare we say... enough.
Creating Hey Oremi was kind of a moment in time where everything became clear for the both of us, the route which we were supposed to take in our lives. We both care very much about people and when we were introduced to the feminine intimate world, we took a liking to it. We made sure we sought much needed knowledge about the female and since we can't know everything, we also decided to get in touch with health experts in order to work hand in hand with them to properly educate women on what is best for their bodies.
We both deeply understand the struggles women face everyday of their lives and if we are making their lives even a tiny bit better, that would be a great achievement for us.