Vaginne Refreshing Intimate  Gel
Vaginne Refreshing Intimate  Gel
Vaginne Refreshing Intimate  Gel
Vaginne Refreshing Intimate  Gel
Vaginne Refreshing Intimate  Gel

Vaginne Refreshing Intimate Gel

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Made Just For You

Women are faced with unique health issues from pregnancy and menopause to gynecological conditions such as uterine fibroids, menstrual irregularities, bacterial vaginosis(B.V), yeast infection, bad odor, abnormal discharge, Vaginitis, and many more. All these tend to affect a woman's confidence and self-esteem, pushing her to seek a solution that might sometimes be damaging to her intimate health.

Vaginne refreshing intimate gel is specifically designed to restore and preserve feminine intimate health in a safe and stress-free manner. It is a 6-day treatment that relieves the symptoms of infection and In just 3 days, you can start to see a difference.

Vaginne refreshing intimate gel enables every woman to experience natural cleanliness and comfort in their most intimate parts. Vaginne keeps you fresh all day, flaunting that natural fragrance from inside out hereby boosting your self-esteem and confidence.


Some benefits Of Using Vaginne

  • It enhances the friendly bacteria(Lactobacillus) and inhibits bad bacteria. It is through this process that it eliminates common symptoms of vaginal infections such as bad odour, itching, discharge, hereby providing comfort.
  • It boosts the immunity and self-healing power of the vagina and uterus.
  • It helps manage menopausal symptoms.
  • Vaginne offers long-lasting protection and repair to damaged tissues in the vagina, cervix, and uterus
  • It provides lubrication and a moisturizing effect
  • it enhances vaginal tightness


Vaginne's Main Ingredients

 Vaginne Intimate Refreshing Gel prides itself in having an organic and natural ingredient composition. Vaginne's main ingredients are: 

  • Antibacterial and immune peptides
  • Organic acid
  • Nutrient probiotic Polysaccharides
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Vitamin E
  • Algae extract
  • Cananga odorota flower oil
  • Seaweed extract

Vaginne's Patented Active Ingredients

What You Will Find In A Box Of Vaginne

A box of vaginne contains 6 x 4.5g single-use applicator sticks for one course of treatment.

How To Use

Treatment: For effective relief from the symptoms of vaginal infections such as unpleasant odour, abnormal discharge, and discomfort use 1 stick daily for 10 days. 

Step 1: Break the seal and open the top and bottom cover of the applicator

Step 2: Lie in a comfortable position, gently insert the neck of the applicator into the vagina as far as it will comfortably go then place the top cover into the hole at the bottom and gently push the gel into the vagina. Stay in that position for at least 30 minutes.

Step 3: Rub any spillage around the affected part of the vagina and discard the applicator

Note: Vaginne is best used at night


What Vaginne Users Are Saying

90% of Vaginne users agree that:

  • It effectively removed odour
  • It effectively controls itching
  • It alleviates itching, burning, and redness
  • It reduces vagina discharge
  • it effectively treats recurring infection

While 95% of Vaginne users agree that:

  • It is a powerful moisturizer that provides ultimate comfort
  • It produces a tightening effect


History Of Intimate Care


Side Effects

Vaginne may cause some stinging. This is only temporary and should ease over time. Aside from that, there are no other side effects to using Vaginne Refreshing Intimate Gel as all the ingredients are natural.


Do not use it if the box has no seal. Do not use if the applicator packet seal is broken. Do not use if the gel is past its expiry date. Keep out of the reach of children.


  • Avoid using vaginne when you are on your period.
  • Do not use it as a contraceptive.


Vaginne Refreshing Intimate Gel should not be used as a cure for STI or cancer. We do not make any health claims on the product vaginne. Always talk to your healthcare professional before using an intimate health product.


Enjoy your newfound confidence with Vaginne!